Why chose WordPress to build your next website or blog

Are you trying to build a new website?There’s a lot of options out there here are :

  • You can build a website from scratch – take’s too much time and energy
  • You can use an online  website builder – low flexibility
  • You can use a CMS –  and the best one is WORDPRESS

 Why use WordPress ?? ?Well…


You can use WordPress for a variety of website types :

  • personal blog
  • business presentation
  • portfolio site
  • template
  •  directory
  • discussion forum
  •  and many more

There’s a huge comunity

You can easily find people willing to help you with more than 70 Million websites build  on wordpress.

WordPress is very simple to Setup and to use.

You can download, setup and customize WordPress within minutes

Is used by big brands

Companies such as LinkedIn, Forbes, Marks and Spencer, Flickr Blog, The New Your Times, all use WordPress.

Is used by celebrities

Katy Pery, Kylie Minogue, Tom Jones, they use wordpress for they websites.

O programing skills needed

In order to instal, to setup and update your website you need 0 programmin skills. As long you can operate a software like Microsoft Office, you are good to go

Is fast and easy to use

You can have beautiful layout and change is with 2 clicks. On top of the initial installation you can install / change themes regularly. This way you allays keep you designs fresh with minimum effort There are more advantages to downloading and installing WordPress I hope  I touched the most important one. If you think I missed any important features or advantages of  Wordpress feel free to comment. If you’re ready to go, you can download WordPress here.            

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