27 reasons to download and install wordpress today

It is 100% free

The platform is 100% free, so do most of the plugins and theme. Once you start growing, you can for the paid themes, do advanced optimizations yourself  or hire someone to do it for you.

You can build  any type of website:

You can have  almost any type of imaginable website up and running as easy as 1,2,3. Here are some examples of sites you can build with WordPress:  a static website, personal/business blog, online store(shop), directory, portfolio, Q&A, online community, social site, wiki, review, classifieds,  job board, image gallery, coupon site, discussion forum. You can even install/build an youtube replica.  

It’s used by small and large companies.

Small bloggers, freelancers, businesses, corporations,  small and big names used wordpress as their platform. Here’s a few you might know: BBC America , Tech Crunch , Bloomberg Proffessional, Forbes Blogs,  Katy Perry.  

1 in 4 out of the total number of websites are powered by WordPress

WordPress is the most used platform today. It’s powering 26.4% of the Web sites active today,  it’s the most used CMS, with 59.4% market share and still rising. By July 2016 17+,million sites were built on wordpress.  

Fast installation time  

You can install wordpress within 4 minutes.  

WordPress is flexible.

After you download  it you can customize everything, fast.  

Minimum requirements

You just need a domain name, hosting and you’re ready to go.  Download for free the latest wordpress version, install it on your hosting account,  and start customizing it.  

Huge support and community

More than 44 thousands WordPress Plugins with 1,253,649,315 downloads, thousands of tutorials and millions of people can help you with almost any issue you might enounter. Beautiful layouts The default installation comes with a few themes while you can browse and download more themes from the admin panel. There are thousands of other free themes you can chose from in order to give you website a cool look.    

Add extra functionalities with plugins

Use more than  40K plugins found in the official directory only, to customize your website. You can use them to create, modify and distribute your content. From seo, stats, contact forms, menus’, labels, ecommerce, rss, email lists, forms, download, to custom page builders, or automatic site backups, you name it. Simply browse, click install, activate, and setup any plugin you like from your admin panel.  

Make your designs stand out

You might think that using a theme will not make your design stand out but you can customize almost every aspect of the layout: from logo to color of buttons, so you can make your design stand out with just a few clicks while having design consistency and a cool framework behind.  

You need 0 coding skills

Yes your heard me, O coding skills. You can setup a wordpress site within minutes. It is very user friendly and, posting on a regular basis, updating the site or other operations take  minimum efforts. You need 0 HTML skills to upload photos, edit posts, pages, make new menus, etc.. If you can edit a word document you can easily do that as well.  

It’s dynamic

Whenever you or your visitors, add a new page, post, comment, etc.., the layout or content of the site ( sidebar, the navigation structure, and other components can change automatically or manually). You save time and money, lots.  

Free support from the  community

The wordpress community is huge so you can always find someone willing to help out.  

You have control over your site

You can control/ assign users, you can manage posts and update your wordpress site whenever you want  

You need no other software such as FTP or Html editors,

You can edit any page, post directly from wordpress without any other software.  

It is responsive/ mobile ready

All the themes are responsive. The default wordpress themes are mobile friendly so you can view the content on phone, tablet or browser by default.    

Time efficient  

You can prepare and schedule posts in advance, so you save time. You can prepare for example 30 posts in one day and schedule them  to be published one per day for the next month.  

Easy scalability

You can easily add new pages, categories or website features, so  your website grows as your business grows.  

The content is yours

You keep the content. Posts, members, users, clients, it’s yours you don’t depend on 3rd parties as you do with online builders. You own your own website.  

Auto updates

Whenever a new version of a plugin or theme is released it will automatically update.  

Increase your industry  authority

Traditional websites take time to update due to their rigid structure. Having your website on wordpress which is darn easy to update will show your audience you are active and incentivize your visitors to come back.  

Design Freshness

You’ll be able to change the layout of your site easily, whenever trends change or just want to give it a fresh look. Just install a fresh theme of customize your current theme and taddaam,    

Cheaper to build and scale

Building a website on wordpress is much cheaper than building a custom website from scratch. You can be up and running within 30 minutes with 0 knowledge, add content, and and then update as you grow.  Even if you buy a premium wp theme, or you ask someone to install it and customize it for you your costs will be under 200$.  

Easy to setup ecommerce.

You can easily setup ecommerce on wordpress. With a multitude of plugins and ecommerce themes to chose from you can have your new shop setup very fast.  

Search engines love wordpress sites

WordPress is SEO friendly and search engines just love it.  Beside the fact that your posts and pages are seo friendly by default you can also distribute it automatically via Ping services or other distribution plugins. There are tons of seo plugins that will help your new site rank up in search engine.  

Easy integration :

WordPress integrates with most of the platforms and service providers out there. Service providers usually create a plugin for wordpress, so their service can be used or wordpress or just browse the community plugin directory and you’ll definitely find a plugin written by one of the community members.

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